dawes in great form

16 January, 2020

Last match of the day here at the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Championships at Potters Resort in Yarmouth was between former World Indoor Champion, Mark Dawes, and New Zealand PBA Qualifier, Elliot Mason.

Mark Dawes & Elliot Mason

It was Mark Dawes though that was on really top form and nothing Elliot Mason could do was to get in the way of Dawes. In the first set of the match Dawes really outbowled the New Zealander and by end six Dawes was 11,1 up. End seven and it was Mason that managed to convert and hold a score of three shots against Dawes but with Dawes taking a double on the next end it was first set to Dawes.

Second set and Dawes really was piling in the shots with superb bowls, though it has to be said that Mason was also not just getting any of Lady Luck either, as on many occasions his bowl would miss by millimetres or fall out of shot. Dawes was 5,2 up by the fifth end but Mason never gave up and was rewarded in ends six and seven with a single and a double and then produced a great bowl to take a further single in end eight. to go 5,6 up. It looked as if he might just hang in there to force a tie break but it was Dawes that eventually took a three count in end eight to take the second set and match 8,6.