dawes in autocruise to the second round in the open singles

16 January, 2018

The final match of the day here in the International Arena at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2018 World Indoor Open Singles Championships was between Blackpool’s Mark Dawes, newest member breaking into the top 16, and Hong Kong’s qualifier CY Wong. Wong had flown over and fought his way through the tough preliminary rounds and had to play a further 4 matches to get to this point of the Singles.

It was a nervous Wong that entered the portable and a hesitant start. Dawes was 6-0 up by the fourth end. Into the 5th end and Wong played a great timing shot when he was three down to create a great conversion and he picked up 3 shots. It was Dawes that then turned the tables as he lay a full house in the next end and Wong missed with a firing bowl to go 10-3 up. Wong lay 2 shots ahead in the next end but Dawes calmly drew in second bowl and went into end eight where he picked up a double to take the first set 12,4.

On the Upper hand it was Dawes that then powered past Wong with superb draw bowls to take the second set 12,1. Though Wong put up a spirited fight it was Dawes that played the better bowls and goes through to play against David Gourlay in the second round next week.