Dawes & Chestney make it through

10 January, 2020

In the last match of the day in the International Arena at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Championships it was WBT Top 16 players Dawes and Chestney facing off against the Irish Duo who had come through the preliminary rounds earlier today, Marty Trainor and Andy Duncan.

Dawes and Chestney were playing at top form and it was a huge battle for the Irish lads to stay with them, no matter what Trainor and Duncan produced it was Dawes and Chestney that seemed to pip them at post on nearly every end. By end four in the first set it was 7,1 to the Englishmen and though the Irish put up a great fight with really good bowls it was to no avail as the first set went to Dawes and Chestney 7,6. The second set was great with excellent bowls and tactics from both sides but again it was Dawes and Chestney that came through with an 8,1 win. Dawes and Chestney go through to face up to Greg Harlow and Nick Brett on Saturday 11th in the evening match.