David Gourlay & Karen Murphy through to the Semi’s in Mixed Pairs

20 January, 2017

In the first match of the day here on Mixed Pairs day it was David Gourlay of Scotland teamed up with Karen Murphy from Australia - both together from the drawn mixed pairs up against Scotland’s Darren Burnett and Englands Katherine Rednall in front of a packed stadium. In the first of the new format of 3 bowl pairs and 7 ends it would be interesting. It seemed as if all four players had a taste of wonder drug as the match started as bowls of a high standard were played. In the first set Murphy and Rednall played lead bowls trying to outmatch each other and one has to say that Gourlay was truly on form. as he produces outstanding skips bowls to take them through to a 3-6 win in the first.

Into the second set and it was again an exacting performance fro all four players, so much so that it was a 2 all draw by the fourth end. Ends 5 & 6 Gourlay/Murphy took a single on each end leaving Burnett/Rednall looking for a 3 to force a tie break. Burnett had last bowl and with a set lie of two shots against him there was an outside chance of taking both out and leaving Burnett/Rednall with the required 3. Burnett played a running bowl, dead on target, he removed the two shot bowls and their two came into play but his running bowl carried on rolling and went out of play. Gourlay/Murphy go through to the semi finals on Sunday 22nd at 2pm.