Darren Burnett comes through the first round

5 November, 2016

Second match of the day saw Scotland’s Darren Burnett face Austalia’s Steven Halmai. The first set saw Burnett out draw Halmai with the scoreline just keeping going up. It did not help when Halmai ran out of time outs and losing one bowl altogether to the shotclock. This saw  Burnett taking the first set 7,4.

Into the second set and Halmai seemed to change tactics and played a far more attacking role. Whenever Burnett built a head it was Halmai that played good runners to take the ends and the second set went Halmai’s way 4,8. Halmai, having forced a tie break looked as if he was going to take the tie but Burnett kept his cool and swept Halmai away to take the first two ends of the tiebreak in a convincing manner. Burnett goes through to face this mornings other match winner, Wayne Willgress on Tuesday 8th.