Coach Gourlay drives into the semi finals

9 November, 2017
The first quarter final featured two of the most naturally talented players in the world. David Gourlay from Scotland and England’s Nick Brett - the World No5 against World No2. The first set was played with extraordinary level of concentration and both players went shot for shot at each other.  By end 4 it was 2-3 to Brett but end 5 saw Gourlay take a full house of 4. Brett got the next two ends with a single and a double but it was Scottish Coach Gourlay that took controla as he scored two singles on the last two ends to take the set 8-6.
Into the second set and it was Brett that put the brakes on Gourlay, going 5-3 up in the 4th end. Though Gourlay tried to respond it was Brett that put him in all sorts of trouble and Brett closed off the set with a scoreline of 5-11 to force the much needed tie break. The tie break captivated the large crowd at Dewar’s and Gourlay drew to a displaced jack to take the first end. The second end, and it was down to Gourlay, shot against him, that played a runner through the pack, his runner had a miraculous effect as it merely touched the jack but it was enough to move the jack 2 inches which gave Gourlay the shot and at the same time made Bretts last bowl shot even more difficult. Brett played a running bowl but it sailed through and Gourlay drives on through to the semi finals.