chestney through 1st round of the open singles

13 January, 2020

It was England’s Jamie Chestney, No 9 seed in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles that was up against qualifier Chris Carswell from Scotland in the opening match of the last 32 players.

Young Carswell against Chestney

First set Chestney was obviously on top form as he denied Carswell any real opportunity as he took a 7,1 lead by end four. Carswell held him off in end five to take a solitary single and a further two shots in end seven but it was Chestney that completed the first set 10,4.

Though Carswell was not playing badly it was again Chestney that was the player on form as time and time again he just pipped Carswell and took the second set 9,3. It was not that Carswell was bad, more that Chestney was on form and denied the young Scot who was putting up a great fight with good bowls. Chestney goes through to the second stages here at Potters Resort next week in the televised stages.