Chestney takes a ‘rollercoaster’ ride into the semi’s at blackpool

9 March, 2017

First quarter final of the Co-op International Open saw David Gourlay line up against Jamie Chestney. Both players have been playing really well throughout and the spectators were not disappointed. The match was an exciting roller coaster ride between the players as they vied for the first semi final berth. The first two ends went with a triple apiece and then Jamie took a double and two singles to go 3-7 up in the 5th end. Then it was Gourlays turn as he took the next three ends with two doubles and a single to go into end 9 8-7 up. All the way it looked as if Gourlay would take the set but then Chestney played a greta bowl to take a single and the first set was drawn at 8 all.

Into the second set and both players were playing precision bowls, and by the start of the 4th end it was Gourlay in front at 4-1. Then it was Chestney that just got the right edges and he whittled away at the Gourlay bowls and chipped away to get a 4-7 lead by the 7th end. Into the 8th end and Gourlay just held onto a single leaqving him looking for a doubel to draw and force a tie break or a triple to win outright. It was not to be as it was Chestney that managed to pick out a good single to go 5-8 and took the match to take the first place in the semi finals.