Chestney romps the opening round of the World Open Singles

19 January, 2017

First match of the day here was between England’s Jamie Chesteny and Scotland’s qualifier Paul Hay on the blue portable rink in the International Arena at Potters Resort. It was Hay’s first ever visit to a WBT event and the qualifier from Scotland was understandably nervous as he strode out onto the rink. This became very evident as he struggled to get his line and weight together. Chestney took full advantage of the newcomer’s struggle and just did not let Hay settle at all. at 10 -1 up in the first set by the 5th end Chestney just turned into a machine as he drilled the bowls home - nothing Hay did could shake the heads and the first set was all over at 15-1.

Into the second set and the crowd got behind Hay in an effort to lift him but Hay still struggled, it was very evident that he had been overpowered by the whole experience but he gamely kept trying, some of the shots he played though were not strong enough and very soon he succumbed to yet another outstanding bowling displays from the mean machine Chestney and the second set went 12-3. Speaking with Hay afterwards he admitted to being completely overawed with it all but he added,” now I know what it is like and have had this first experience, all I want to do is to win another qualifier and get back up here - it is a fantastic experience and I have learned so much in my short time on the rink, next time it will not be so easy for my opponent”.