chestney on top form in first round of the singles

15 January, 2019

The first match of the day here in the International Arena on the portable rink in the ‘Just’ 2019 World Indoor Open Singles was the reigning World Indoor Pairs and Mixed pairs Champion, Jamie Chestney (E) facing up against the Sponsors Wildcard choice , James Rippey from England. Rippey has been on the Professional Bowls Circuit for a few years and is an accomplished bowler so deserves his wildcard spot.

Jamie Chestney and James Rippey

Rippey started off taking two shots in the first end but it was the machine of Chestney that dominated as he immediately set about piling on the pressure taking a single, a full four and a double in the next three ends to go 7,2 up in end four. It was not that Rippey was bad, he was finding a great line but just seemed to be struggling a little to get the exact weight. Never far off the jack but it was Chestney that had the millimetre perfection and he whittled away at Rippey. End five Rippey garnered a single but again it was Chestney that took a single followed by a double to go 10,3 up in end seven leaving Rippey a mountain to climb with only two ends to go. Rippey was only allowed a single on end eight so it was first set to Chestney 10,4.

James Rippey and Jamie Chestney

Second set and it seemed as if Rippey had got to grips with it as the scoreline was four all by end four. But then Chestney upped yet another gear and no matter what Rippey did it was Chestney that went one better. Ends five and six he took a single and ends seven and eight Chestney sealed Rippey’s fate with two doubles to take the second set and match with another 10,4 finish.