Chestney into the pairs final with Dawes

15 January, 2018

The first match here in the afternoon at Potters Resort in the International Arena was semi final 1 of the ‘Just’ 2018 World Indoor Pairs. With the pairing of Jonathan Ross and Robert Paxton playing against Jamie Chestney and Mark Dawes the stadium was almost full with only a few spare seats and an eager audience.

Into the first set and it was Paxton and Ross that set it all alight as they absolutely powered their way through with Paxton delivering outstanding perfect bowls. It seemed that no matter what Chestney and Dawes did they just did not stand a chance against Ross and Paxton. Paxton played the skip’s position in devastating style as they powered through to clinch the set 10-2.

Into the second set and this time, halway through, it seemed as if skip Chestney had had a second wind as he suddenly found some form and stopped the runaway train of Paxton. Paxton / Ross were 4-1 up on the 3rd end and seemed unstoppable and then Chestney started. For the next 4 ends Chestney left to his last bowl and just kept stealing the head away from Paxton. Chestney and Dawes collected 5 shots this way and won the set 4-6 to force a tie break.

Into the tie break and in the first end again Chestney used his last bowl to sit with shot bowl just behind the jack, leaving Paxton with his last bowl the hard task of trying to either remove or just try to sit on top of the jack. Unfortunately, just as he was about to deliver his bowl, there was a disturbance from within the crowd and he had to wait several minutes for this to be resolved. Paxton reset himself but to no avail and the first end went to Chestney and Dawes. The second end saw Chestney and Dawes pick that one up also and they go through to the final on the Monday 22nd which will be the first live programme on BBC2 at 2pm.