Chestney & Foster also win their matches for quarter final slots

24 January, 2017
Jamie Chestney also sealed his quarter final place.  In a mediocre exchange with last year’s beaten finalist Rob Paxton,   he only scored on four of the nine ends  in each set and won 8-6, 6-5.
He scored a treble and single on the last two ends of the opening set and fended off a potential tie break when he scored the vital single on the last end of the second set  and now plays four time champion Foster on Friday afternoon. A disappointed Paxton, to won outdoor triples gold for England at the World Championships in New Zealand last month said “He played some good ones but I was in and out” and admitted “I’m short of match practice.  I’m not sharp enough just now, this is the quietest year I’ve had by a country mile because I haven’t played a lot”.
It was a busy day for Foster, with  the world number 6 Foster in action again in the last match of the day  and he did have something to cheer up about when he became the third player to move through to the quarter finals alongside Greg Harlow and Jamie Chestney. He ended the interest of the distance competitors in the event, counting out New Zealand’s Debbie Wilford 11-3, 10-3.