chestney dismisses royal for a place in the quarter finals

6 November, 2018

Last match of the day was between Jamie Chestney and Mark Royal and in the first set it was Chestney that got off to a slow start going 3,7 down at the completion of the fifth end. Then, all of a sudden, Chestney seemed to come alive, taking a full four count in end 6 followed with a triple in eight to go 10,7 up. Royal tried to fight back and got a single in end eight but it was Chestney that sealed the fate of set one with a double in end nine to take the set 12,8.

Set two and Chestney had got to grips with the rink and did not leave much at any time for Royal to pick at, it was four all on the end of the 4th and again it was Chestney that just powered up and took six shots off Royal over the next three ends. This left Royal with an absolute mountain to climb but to no avail as a single on end eight also gave Chestney the second set and match. 12,8 – 10,5