chestney denies a valient effort by bester

4 November, 2018

Last match of the day in the first round of the Scottish International Open was between Canadian qualifier Mike Bester and England’s Jamie Chestney. It was Chestney that very slowly got the upper hand in the first set as he forced a 4 all draw by end 6. Bester was playing well and held off Chestney as they went into end 9 all level at 5 all. Bester lay shot for a short while but it was Chestney that took the final end and set 7,5.

In the second set it was Chestney that clicked two gears higher and outplayed Bester, who was still playing well but just could not match Chestney. End 3 it was 2 all but then Chestney took the next four ends to go 8,2 up leaving Bester a mountain to climb which proved a tough ask and Chestney took the second set 8,3.