Chestney continues the demolition

Chestney action
12 January, 2016

Chestney action Jason Greenslade from Wales took on the newcomer Jamie Chestney, England, who had just received the European Qualifier of the Year Award in the second match of the afternoon and the audience nwere sat on the edge of their seats throughout the match. Chestney opened up in the first set taking a single and a double in the first two ends and Greenslade doing the exact same in the next two. Chestney then took two doubles in the next two ends and Greenslade then piled in with a double and single to take the score 6-7 to Chestney going into end 9 of the first set. With one bowl each left to play Greenslade , who already was holding one shot, played his last bowl, the jack moved but left Greenslade still with shots but this still left Chestney with over 2 feet to draw in for shot. Chestney played his bowl and the line looked good but Chestney had not put the weight on the bowl and it fell short – so Greenslade took the first set.

Into the second set and both players were playing excellent bowls, neither player giving an inch and it was Chestney that gradually drew away from Greenslade 1 shot per end so that in the 6th end it was 7-1 to Chestney. Greenslade then grabbed a triple off Chestney but it was not enough and Chestney took the second set for a tie break finish to the match. The tie break was a a three end where Greenslade drew his way to get the first end. Into the second end and Chestney changed tactics and it seemed to be that he literally blasted Greenslade away from the head to take the second end and then repeated the process to grab the third end and match from Greenslade.