Chestney and Doig were walking on water

19 January, 2018

Second match of the afternoon was between Scotland’s David Gourlay partnered with English International Janice Gower against England’s Jamie Chestney and Scotland’s International Lesley Doig. It was Chestney and Doig that opened up with a double on the first end and Gourlay and Gower responded with a triple on the second and Chestney –Doig followed suit on the next end.. Then Chestney started walking on water as no matter what Gourlay and Gower did it was Chestney that played astounding bowls to take the next three ends with a single, including one end where he was 5 down and played a superlative bowl to take shot. Picking up a triple on end 7 Chestney and Doig wrapped up the set 3-11.

Into the second set and both Doig and Chestney were playing at top ability and this showed as they shut down a surge by Gower and Gourlay, though Gower was struggling with length Gourlay was playing well, Chestney was again at the top of his form. Gourlay and Gower were 4-1 up by the fourth end when Chestney got a double on the fifth. They dropped a single on the sixth but yet again Chestney played well and they picked up a double on the seventh for a 5 all draw which meant they took the set and Chestney and Doig go through to the semi final on Sunday afternoon.