Chestney and Dawes beat favourites Brett and Harlow for the 2018 World pairs title

22 January, 2018

First match of the afternoon was the much awaited ‘Just’ 2018 World Indoor Pairs Final. It was a packed International Arena as the two pairs came out onto the blue rink to do battle – It was Jamie Chestney and Mark Dawes, who had reached the semi final last year in their first year together,  against the well known pairing of Greg Harlow and Nick Brett.


Into the first set of 9 ends it quickly developed into quite a battle between all four with an enthralling mix of the draw and timing shots. The first two ends were taken by Chestney and Dawes who took two singles. The response from Harlow and Brett had the crowd gasping as inch perfect bowls were played by all four competitors and eventually it was Harlow and Brett that took the next three ends with hard fought singles. End six and it was Chestney with his last bowl that had the crowd on the edge of their seats as he stole it with a single to tie the score at 3 all. Chestney & Dawes took the next end with a well played single but then it was Harlow and Brett that turned on the magic to take the next two ends with a triple and a single. Final end of the set and it looked as if Harlow and Brett were on the way to victory when Chestney played superbly following yet another terrific start from Dawes as lead. They took a great triple off Harlow and Brett to seal the set at a 6 all finish.

Into the second set and the match was in the grip of real excitement as Dawes was producing a masterclass in leading, Harlow was fighting to keep up, Brett was having to play at top form to keep Chestney off  and it was a match of absolute quality. Harlow and Brett were 1 – 3 up at the finish of end 4, and then the wheel came off in end 5 as Chestney and Dawes were superb and collected an amazing count of 5 to turn the match on it’s head. Harlow and Brett fought back with every skill in the book and managed to take two singles on the next two ends but it was Chestney and Dawes that sealed the pairs victory in taking a double off Harlow and Brett in end eight leaving Harlow and Brett with the mission impossible of taking a count of a much needed four off the duo of Chestney and Dawes. Although  they tried every shot in the book plus two virtually impossible tries by Brett to edge shot bowls away it was Chestney and Dawes that took yet another single to seal the set and match and it is Jamie Chestney and Mark Dawes that get Crowned the  2018 World Indoor Pairs Champions.