Burnett trickles over the line into the semi finals of the Singles

26 January, 2018

It was Jason Greenslade from Wales up next against Scotland’s Darren Burnett and you see the determination on both players faces as they came out onto the portable rink in front of a capacity audience in the arena. It was Burnett that laid down the challenge as he opened up with a blistering display to take the first three ends to go 0,8 up. It was Greenslade that then set off in a massive way taking a triple, then a full house of four, then a single and then a double and it looked as if the wheels had come off for Burnett as Greenslade took a 10,8 lead. Burnett though rose to the challenge and literally swiped a double away from Greenslade to level the score on the completion of end eight at 10 all. Last end and it was Burnett that played a superb bowl to take a single off Greenslade and set 10,11.

Second set and these two slugged it out between them, end for end and by the sixth end it was only a one shot difference in Burnett’s favour at 4,5. Taking a single each in the next two ends it was Greenslade that played great bowls to take a double away from Burnett to level the score at 6 all. Last end and Greenslade was set down, last bowl yet again was superb to take a single and set 7,6. Tie break time – With Burnett taking the first end with relative ease it was down to Greenslade to make sure he got the second end – he did! Third end of the tie break and it was Greenslade all the way, Burnett with short bowls and last bowl of the match – he delivered it with a thump and horror of horrors, it looked short of weight – but it kept trundling on and on, with Burnett shouting it on with every roll it teetered it’s way and just crept over the line to beat Greenslades by fractions. Tie-break and match to a much relieved Burnett and an obviously disappointed Greenslade.