burnett topples fellow scot barker for the second round

17 January, 2019

It was Scottish qualifier, Andrew Barker from Elgin that got the World No 5, Scotland’s Darren Burnett in the draw for this match. Burnett reached the semi-finals in the World Open Singles here last year so Barker is under no illusions as to the tough match that he has, similarly Burnett has great respect for his Scottish opponent who has a wealth of experience under his belt. This match should hopefully prove to be a good drama.

Andrew Barker & Darren Burnett

Barker launched himself into set one putting Burnett under severe pressure and it was end five and Burnett was 0,8 down. Being the professional though he did not crack and responded with a double on end six, Barker responded with a single in end seven. Burnett then turned it around as he rallied with a treble on end eight leaving him looking for a minimum of two to take the first set. It was not to be as Barker shut him down to just a single and Barker took the first set 6,9

Second set and Barker opened up with a single but then Burnett turned on the taps and did not allow Barker anything. No matter what Barker produced, and he played well, it was Burnett that took the next five ends to go 7,1 up. End seven and it was Barker’s turn as he took a double but Burnett sealed his fate with a single in end eight take the second set 8,3. Tie break time and it was Burnett that pulled the rug away from Barker as he took the two ends in succession to take the match and a place in the second round.