burnett slips past king for a place in the singles quarter finals

24 January, 2019

In the second round match here in the International Arena it was Norfolk’s Mervyn King, World Ranked at No. 11 up against former World Indoor Champion, Scotland’s Darren Burnett who is World Ranked at No.5.

Mervyn King & Darren Burnett

Both players started off well as you would expect, though it was Burnett that was just slightly quicker off the mark than King. Burnett had found his line and weight almost from the word go whereas King had his line but was just off with the weight. By end five it was 2,6 to Burnett. End six and King managed to get a double away but it was Burnett that took the final two ends to take the first set 4,11.

Darren Burnett

Second set for King was more reassuring for him as he took a 5,2 lead by end four having got to grips with the weight. However Burnett would not let go and with a mixture of draw and driving shots he took the next three ends sith a single and two doubles to go 5,6 ahead. End seven and it was a great draw from King that levelled the set 6,6. King went on then to take a second single on end eight to go one shot ahead and the tie break loomed. Final end and King put his first bowl right on the side of the jack with a cracking bowl, there was no hesitation from Burnett as he lined up for a drive and let one rip – absolutely plum on target, his bowl picked up the jack as clean as a whistle and took it straight into the ditch – King tried to draw right down to ditch bank but to not avail. Darren took the second set and match 4,11 – 7,7.