Burnett secures quarter final berth

8 November, 2017

The day continued to see England v Scotland in most of the ties and next up was Scotland’s Darren Burnett against England’s Robert Paxton. Burnett came through a crowd entertaining game against Robert Paxton. The first set was all Burnett’s and Paxton only counted at one end. Burnett won the set 11.1.

The second set, however, Paxton hit form and it was somewhat of a role reversal as Paxton managed to secure a tie break with a 8.3 scoreline in the second set. It was not that Burnett ws not playing well, more that Paxton took full advantage of any break and it all cae off for him. The tie break saw an “ultimate” result shot from Burnett take the first end. Paxton drew well on the second end to tie the game up again. But it was Burnett who took the honours on the final tie break end and took the tie break 2.1.