Burnett & Rednall join the Mixed Pairs Semi’s

15 January, 2016

Final match of the afternoRednall Actionon was Darren Burnett and Katherine Rednall against David Gourlay and Janice Gower. The first set opened with Burnett and Rednall taking a fast four off Gourley and Gower in the first end, with Gourlay and Gower getting just a single in response. End 3 saw a single being taken by Burnett & Rednall to which Gourlay and Gower responded with a double in end 4 to make the score 5-3 to Burnett and Rednall. It was Rednall as lead who was outperforming Gower and it was Gourlay who managed to level the set at 8 across on the 7th end – but it was Burnett who foiled the hope by finishing with a single and a double to take the first set 11-8.

Into the second set and it was Burnett and Rednall that dominated with terrific bowling and every time the Gourlay Gower pairing held shot Burnett foiled the plan and quite simply did not allow them any respite. Thus Burnett and Rednall took the second set 10-3 and the match by 2 sets.