Burnett & Rednall face Marshall & Forrest in the final

17 January, 2016

The second Mixed Pairs Semi Final between Darren Burnett & Katherine Rednall against Paul Foster MBE & RebeccaDSC_7050 Field turned out to be a surprising affair as both sides fought to get ahead in the first set. With neither pair giving way it was only single shots that were being grabbed and by the 6th end it was 3 all. BY end 8 it was 4 all and then disaster struck as Foster & Rebecca dropped a three on the last end and it was Burnett and Rednall that took the first set 7-6. Into the second set and it was quickly apparent that losing the first set clearly unsettled the Foster & Field pairing as they could not stand up to the continued onslaught from Burnett and Rednall and although they were only losing one shot per end it seemed as if nothing at all was going their way. Dropping a double in end 6 they were now 6-2 down and then horror came as a four was dropped in end 7 to finish off the set 10-2 to Burnett and Rednall to take them through to the final.