burnett makes the grade

3 November, 2019

First round match between Scotland’s Darren Burnett and PBA Qualifier from Hong Kong, Bronson Fung, took to the portable rink in the second match of the afternoon.

It was Fung’s first appearance on the WBT Circuit and also on the fast paced portable rink and it took him a few ends to settle into this unaccustomed slot and Burnett took full advantage as he took 6 shots away from Fung in the first three ends in the first set. The next three ends went Fung’s way as he took three singles with good bowls and slowed Burnett’s pace down. Burnett took a double in end 7 and Fung responded with a well earned single in end 8 but that him looking for a four in end 9 to level the set. It looked as if he might get it but Burnett put in a well placed bowl to take a single count and set 9,4.

Burnett got into his stride in the second set and was 6,2 ahead by the 5th end with Fung responding taking a single on end 6. With Burnett taking a count of three on the next end it was nearly all over and Burnett sealed it with a single on end 8 and makes his way to the second round.