Burnett just tips out European Qualifier of the year, mckee

15 January, 2018

In the first match of the day here at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2018 World Indoor Championships it was Darren Burnett from Scotland up against Graham Mckee from Scotland. Mckee said he was really looking forward to it, especially having received the European Qualifier of the Year Award just two days ago at the WBT Awards Gala Dinner.

The virtually full audience were treated to a high class display of bowls. The first end of the first set the Umpire, Allan Thornhill, could not split the measurement and all agreed it was a no score end – what a start. McKee took the second end with a single. The third end it was Burnett with an amazing bowl to convert picked up a full house of 4. Over the next three ends though it was McKee that fought off Burnett to pick up 5 shots to take the score to 4-7. Burnett picked up 5 shots in the next two ends to go into the last end 9-7 up, he lay shot and match and then McKee fired, picked up the jack and ran it to the ditch to lie a count of 2. Burnett just ran short and McKee had a chance with last bowl to add another but he too fell short. Set one ended in a 9 all draw.

Into the second set and it was Burnett that had to step up several gears and by end five he was 4-3 up. Despite really good bowls from McKee it was Burnett that picked a single on end 6 and again a double in end 7. McKee valiantly fought back and Burnett had to play well to keep the onslaught down to a minimum and McKee was only able to get two singles so Burnett took the set 7-5 and match victory. When Burnett came off he said, “That was a good match and I had to play really well to come out of it as the winner”