Burnett takes the mixed pairs title with partner rednall

19 January, 2016

The World Indoor Burnett & rednall 2 Mixed Pairs Final between Alex Marshall MBE and pairs partner Julie Forrest against Darren Burnett & pairs partner Katherine Rednall was a cracking match played to a full capacity crowd here in the International Arena at Potters Resort and all four players went onto the rink in good humour between them. Into the first set and it was Burnett and Rednall that started with a bang, taking 5 shots off Marshall and Forrest in the first three ends. Marshall and Forrest responding holding the next three ends with three singles as Marshall played some outstanding last bowls to steal it away from Burnett. By the close of end 9 it was 5-7 to Burnett and Rednall and it was Katherine who then stole the lead bowls away from Forrest which enabled Burnett to play some cover shots as they took the next two ends away to take the first set 5-11Katherine & Darren

Into the second set and Rednall seemed to lose her way slightly in the first few ends as Forrest played good lead bowls and Marshall peppered the jack and it was 8-4 to Marshall & Forrest by end 5 and it looked as if the pair of Burnett and Rednall had derailed and many were forecasting a looming tie break. Into end 6 and suddenly everything was reversed, Rednall picked up the pace and backed up by an impressive Burnett they took eight shots off Marshall and Forrest over the next 4 ends to make the scoreline 8-12. Desperate Julie Actionto stop the slide Marshall and Forrest managed to grab a single in the 10th end but it was not to be as Rednall covered the jack and Darren placed strategic bowls and left Marshall looking to play an impoosible shot to get the 3 he needed to force a tie break and it was a well deserved set and match to Burnett & Forrest. 5-11, 9-14