burnett and field into the mixed pairs final

21 January, 2018

First match of the afternoon was Semi Final 1 of the ‘Just’ World Indoor Mixed Pairs and was Darren Burnett & Rebecca Field against Stewart Anderson & Alison Merrien MBE and the stadium was packed with eager spectators.


It was Burnett and Field that got off to a flying start with a 7,0 lead by end four before Anderson and Merrien got onto the card. Desperately chasing the score, and bowling well, they managed to get two singles in ends five and six. Looking for a five on the last end Merrien set it up with brilliant bowls around the jack and Anderson added another. Burnett drove and missed and Anderson covered, Burnett went again and this time was successful and when the dust had settled it was only a count of three against so Burnett and Field picked up the first set 7,5.


Into the second set and it was Merrien’s turn to outdraw Field at the front with Anderson and Burnett left to battle it out. By the fourth end it was 1,5 to Anderson and Merrien. In ends five and six Burnett and Field managed to grab a double and a single to get to within one shot. End eight and again Merrien piled on the pressure and again it was the two skips left to do battle. With Merriens bowls just behind the jack and side bowls Burnett tried hard but it was Anderson and Merrien that picked up a triple to take the set 4,8 and force the tie break.


First end of the tie-break and again Merrien just peppered the jack, Anderson was left to go for deep and side cover knowing that Burnetts strike was deadly – Burnett missed and it was first end to Anderson and Merrien.


Second end and Field put her first bowl 4 inches off the jack, Merrien drew her bowl just inside that to take shot, Field was very close and then Merrien placed her third bowl right on the jack leaving perhaps an inch to spare. Burnett was not hazed as he stood on the mat and delivered the perfect draw bowl to the head to take shot away. Anderson could do nothing with that and the end went to Burnett and Field.


Third and final end of the tie break and Merrien again put her first bowl right on the jack, Field then drew right beside it and Merrien, not to be outdone, places her second bowl along with her first to lie two shots. Field elects to drives and gets a great hit clearing out both of Merrien’s to now lie two shots. Nothing changes with the rest of the lead bowls and it is Stewarts turn, he draws shot just behind the jack slightly to one side. Darren eyes it up and drives at the head and slices the green bowl well clear. Anderson calmly then redraws to the head and again Burnett drives at it and again takes the green bowl away to lie shot with red bowls. Anderson tries the draw again but this time he is marginally over heavy and just trundles past the head – Burnett and Field are overjoyed as they claim victory with the two ends and they go through to the final here on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.