Burnett and Anderson join the party

11 January, 2016

The 2nd semi final in the World Indoor Pairs saw Any Thomson MBE & Mark Royal take to the portable rink up against Darren Burnett and Stewart Anderson and a battle royal commenced. Burnett and Anderson took tAnderson Royalhe first end with a double and then Thomson & Royal replied with a single, but it was Burnett and Anderson that took the next two ends to go 5-1 up. Thomson and Royal came back at them taking a double and a single in the next two ends but then Anderson & Burnett closed them out in the next two ends taking to doubles and the set.

Thomson BurnettIn the second set we saw some incredible bowls with neither pair giving way but it was the Scottish duo that just had the edge and then picked up a three in end 6 to go 6-2 up. Thomson & Royal rallied and picked up a single and a double to get back into the match though trailing by one shot going into the 9th end. It was Burnett who had an excellent shot and left Thomson & Royal standing as the Scottish Pair to a count of three to close out the second set and match with a scoreline of 4-9, 5-9