Burnett adds his name to the second round

19 January, 2017

Scotland’s Darren Burnett was up as last match today in the World Singles against the second PBA Australian qualifier Paul Butler. Butler had only arrived a couple of days ago and had managed a couple of practice slots but he gamely went out against Darren in front of a packed stadium. He won the crowd to his side with his big smaile as he clearly enjoyed his opening set against Burnett. It took the cheerful Aussie several ends to get into the match bu why time an on the ball Burnett had piled up an 8-0 lead and set 1 was virtually done and dusted. Although Butler found his was Burnett was palying exceedingly well and although the Aussie did play some really good bowls it was always Burnett that just nipped the post and he took the first set 12 - 0.

Into the second set and Butler opened up with a double on the first end but the wily Scot was having none of that as he upped his game even more and simply closed Butler out taking a 6-2 lead by end four. Butler did not give up or indeed roll over, he played some great bowls and managed to hold of Burnett in the next two ends to take a single and a double to close the gap 6-5. In the 7th end Burnett had two good bowls just in front of the jack with a 1 inch gap and no matter what Butler tried he could just not dislodge them and Burnett got another two. Into end 8 and again it was really superb bowls from Burnett as he totally closed out Butler leaving him with an impossible task of getting any sort of a count - Butler tried a couple of difficult timing shots but it was not to be and Burnett collected another 3 shots to take the score to a conclusive 11-5 and it was set and game to Burnett. He goes through to the second round where he plays the winner of the Mervyn King v Janice Gower match here on Monday morning.