brett v foster and foster takes the match in style

10 November, 2016

The game that caught the eye of all concerned was the battle between World No1 Nick Brett and Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE. Having met three times before here, in three consecutive finals, the battle between these two giants of the game stood at 2.1 in games to Brett.

What a game. First two ends saw counts of one each to these two fighters.  End three and pound for pound the two top players played their best but its Foster who picks up a two. End four and Foster piles on the pressure and picks up three shots and takes a 6.1 lead. End five and, ever the battler, Brett plays a trade mark runner with his last to take one shot. End six and Brett picks up another shot keeping him in touch with Foster in set one. Foster has won every first set he has played against Brett, could this be the same? Seventh end and another Foster double, giving him an 8.3 lead with two ends to play. The final end and not the end the World No1 needed and Foster picked up two more shots and the first set 10.3.

Brett has had to win every second set and tie break in this event this year to get him to the Quarterfinals. Could he repeat this feat? Brett wins the first end then the second, Foster just missing drawing with his last bowl. Fantastic Bowling from both players, punch for punch, bowl for bowl. End four and Foster plays two superb deliveries, Brett Strikes and manages to take one red away. The score 4.2 to Brett. Another superb end from Brett and the score goes to 7.2. Foster keeps himself in the set with a fortunate last bowl at end seven, perfect weight but just getting a glide into the jack, a sportsman like apology to Brett off Foster.  Exciting times for the large crown at the Dewars Centre watching these to go to war on the blue rink. End eight and Brett plays the perfect bowl with his last delivery to take the set 8.3. Tie break time again for Brett here.

Perfect opening delivery from Brett at the first end, only too see Foster with the perfect reply. Brett runs at the head and removes both bowls. Foster draws shot with his third bowl, over to Brett, Brett draws and gets contact but the jack goes to Fosters bowl. First end Foster. End two and Foster draws shot with his second bowl, Brett replys, but its still Foster holding, Brett drives and sees the jack go out onto the re spot, a bowl each left, Foster draws shot but its through, Brett puts his bowl into the side shuttering and Foster takes the tie break 2.0.