Brett outdraws ‘merve the swerve’ into the quarters

23 January, 2020

First match of the day here from the International Arena in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles Championships saw 2 former World Indoor Champions facing off for a place in the quarter finals. Mervyn King, World No 12 against Nick Brett, World No 6. It was a fantastic match from both players with really incredible draw bowls between them at an extremely high level.

Brett & King in play

First set it was 4 all going into end six and here it was Brett that played his magical draw and beat King to take a three count to go 4,7 in the lead. King then played an outstanding bowl to take the next end with a single but it was Brett that took the final two ends with a single on each for the set 5,9

Second set and it was 3 all by end four and again it was Brett that took a double to go 3,5 up in end five. King again played a great bowl to take a single on end six but again it was Brett that took the next two ends with two hard earned singles. With King needing four shots on the final end Brett managed to fend him off and only allowed a three count and it was Brett that took the set and match 7,7