Brett joins the quarters fray

8 November, 2017

In the first match here at the Co-op Funeralcare Scottish International Open at the Dewars Centre today it was Torquay’s Danny Denison up against Nick Brett from Cabridgeshire. Both players opened up well and it was some great bowls to see. In the first set it was 4 all by end 5. With DenisonBrett a double on end 6 and Denison managing a single on end 7 and a double on end 8 which left Brett going into the final end looking for at least a single to tie the end.  Denison heldset lie and Brett had last bowl - and waht a bowlhe played, a time shot and played a superb conversion to take 2 shots and the first set.

Into the second set and it was as Brett had suddenly lifted two gears as he played well and everything that Denison produced Brett went one better. By end 5 Brett was 5-1 up and he continued in this went on to take the second set and match 7,8 - 3,8. Brett goes into the quarters on Thursday.