brett is still on form

2 November, 2019

Engalnd’s Nick Brett came up against Australian Hailey Packer in the third match of the day and though he was the favourite he did not get it all his way. The first set saw a spirited fight by Packer to hold him at bay but it was to no avail as Brett dominated the first round to take it 13,3.

Defiant Packer plays a great draw bowl

Though Packer had got a bit more used to the portable blue rink and the fast pace in the second set she managed to close the gap and only trailed Brett by a single shot in end 5. Looking as if she was going to force a tie break it was not to be as again Brett shut her away taking a single in end 7 followed by a well played count of 3 in end 8. Packer rallied though and took a double on end 8 but yet again Brett closed the door firmly on Packers dream of a second round berth as he took the final end and match. 13,3 - 12,7.