Brett holds off edwards in the world singles

16 January, 2020

The first match of the afternoon on the Thursday 16th January was between World No 6, Nick Brett, and PBA Qualifier Scott Edwards on the portable rink.

Edwards and Brett

It too Edwards a couple of ends to settle down by which time Brett had got four shots against Edwards. It was ends three and four where Edwards took two very good singles off Brett and ends five and six it was one each. Going into end seven it was 5,3 to Brett and despite Edwards best efforts it was Brett that took the first set with an 8,3 scoreline.

Second set and it was Edwards that played a great shot on the first end to take a three count off Brett but it was then Brett that denied Edwards as he took five shots away over the next three ends. End five though and Edwards perserverance paid off as he took a single away from Brett to stand the scoreline at 5,4 going into end six. Despite everything that Edwards produced it was a devastating Brett that took the next three ends, set and match 9,4