Brett eases his way past Squire into the singles second round

17 January, 2019

Second match of the afternoon was Andy Squire, through the route of the WIBC Championships, up against England talents of World Ranked No 6, Nick Brett. This was a tough ask for any qualifier and was going to be a tough match.

Andy Squire, Official Francis Fletcher & Nick Brett

First set and Brett was working on on all cylinders and just not giving squires any openings or chances to settle and by end four Brett was 6,2 in the lead. Squire started to get to grips with the portable and made it harder for Brett in the next two ends but it was Brett that still came away with two singles, now six shots in the lead. End seven and this time it was Squire that converted from two down to one up with a single but Brett sealed the first set with a further single in end eight to take the first set 9,3.

Nick Brett

Second set and Squire was playing far better as he eased into the game and he was making it harder for Brett and by end seven it was a lowly four all. Again though, Brett turned up the heat and took ends eight and nine with a single on each end to take the second set and match 6,4.