Brett and carman book their place in mixed pairs final

20 January, 2019

First match of the afternoon was the first semi final of the mixed pairs between New Zealand’s qualifier, Helen Carman and her drawn pairs partner, England’s World No. 6 Nick Brett and Scotland qualifier Lesley Doig with England’s Jamie Chestney. Carman was overjoyed to get to the semi finals and had said before the start of the match, “whatever the outcome I will remember this as the best day of my career.”

Nick Brett, Lesley Doig, Jamie Chestney and Helen Carman

Second set followed on swiftly as all four players were quick off the mat, no-one talking too much time to deliver their bowls, again it was a great tussle between Doig and Carman with Doig just slightly edging the New Zealander. Again, it was the two skips that were having a great battle between them, but it was the pairing of Carman/Brett that were slowly edging away from Doig/Chestney. By end five it was 1,6 to Carman/Brett. End six though, great bowls from Doig with Chestney also adding, Brett tried to resist but Chestney played a killer bowl and took a three on that end to bring the score 4,6 – could he get what was needed in the final end for the tie break? Doig/Chestney tried but again it was the devastating Brett that put an end to all hope as he delivered a great shot bowl and Chestney just could not get to it and it was 5,6 to Carman/Brett as they sealed a place in Tuesday afternoon’s final.

Jamie Chestney & Nick Brett

The first set saw Carman start of well, handling the great lead bowls of Doig very well and not being overawed with the occasion but it was the battle of the two skips that came to the fore in the match. Both Chestney and Brett were producing first class bowls which had the capacity filled stands on the edge of their seats throughout the match. Carman/Brett took the first three ends with a total count of four then it was Chestney that played a great bowl to take a treble in end four. End five and Brett and Chestney swapped shot between them but it was Brett that stole the end with a single. Chestney returned this with a single in end six, set score 4,5 to Carman/Brett. End seven and again the leads had a great battle between them with Doig winning this time, but Chestney added to the count, it was Brett that again produced outstanding draw bowls and he took the final end with a single to take the first set 4,6 to Carman/Brett.