Brett adds his name to the world singles semi finals list

25 January, 2019

World Number one, Greg Harlow was up against Nick Brett, World No 6 for a place in the semi finals for the World Indoor Open Singles. It was Brett that was carrying on with the great form he had already shown in his previous matches and putting Harlow under great pressure from the start.

Nick Brett & Greg Harlow

First few ends of the first set it was really close nip and tuck between them both but it was Brett that appeared to be just in absolute top form as he took a treble in end four to go in the lead 4,2. Harlow played a great bowl end five to take a single but again Brett was walking on water as no matter what Harlow did Brett just seemed to go one better. It was Brett that took the next three ends with devastating bowls to take the set 9,3.

Nick Brett

Harlow dug deep to stem the flow from Brett in the second set but yet again it was as if Brett was just simply in outstanding form when time after time he playued outstanding bowls to deny Harlow and chance. By the fourth end Brett was 5,0 up, Harlow played a great end in five to hold off Brett and take a single count. It was Brett though, in the next three ends, that withstood anything Harlow put down to take the next three ends, set and match for a place in the semi finals tomorrow. Final score was 9,3 – 9,1