Blackpool’s Mark Dawes through to the second round

8 March, 2016

It was local man Mark Dawes who was up against Irelands qualifier Graham McKee in the second match of the afternoon and Dawes quickly built up a 5-0 lead by the end of the 4th. Going into the 5th end though McKee found his way and pounced taking a single from Dawes and repeating this in the 6th to pick up two shots. Dawes responded taking a double in the next end but it was McKee that held his nerve to take triple in the 8th end. Into the ninth and it was Dawes who came out of the fray with a single to take the first set 7-6

Into the second set and again Dawes took a flying start to go 6-0 up by the 4th. McKee responded with a single and then a treble in the next two ends to make the score 6-4, Dawes took a further single but was then stopped in his tracks as McKee played a brilliant shot to take a triple and level the scores at 7 all in the 8th end. Both players played superb bowls in the final end but again it was Dawes that managed to only just hold onto a single to take the second set and match 7-6, 8-7