Blackpool’s Dawes opens the way to the quarter finals

8 March, 2017

Final match of the afternoon here at Newton Hall Holiday park in the International Open was between local hero, Mark Dawes, and Scotland’s legend, Alex Marshall MBE. It was as if someone had plugged Dawes into the tower as he powered his bowls to a mega win to see him into the quarter finals.

In the first set he was outstanding and nothing that Marshall could do would shake him off - by end 6 it was just 4 all as both players produced astounding bowls end after end but it was Dawes that sealed the first set with a further 2 singles and a double.

Into the second set and Dawes just seemed to illuminate the rink as he powered to even higher levels, no matter how close Marshall got, Dawes just got closer. Even when Marshall destroyed the head it was Dawes that then pulled the shot out of the bag. It was not that Marshall did not play well, it was that Dawes just seemed to have risen to the occasion but in the second set it was dawes that took it 3-7 and enters the quarter finals. This well worth a watch on the to be treated to excellent bowls from both players.