Billy Jackson takes the semi from Trevor Taylor with a drive

6 May, 2017

In the last remaining semi final here at Newton Hall Holiday Park bowls centre it was Lincoln’s Billy Jackson to go head to head with Cumbria’s Trevor Taylor. Both these players have been here before so are totally used to playing in the arena with the match officials, shot clock and all the WBT variances so both start on a level playing field.

As was expected both players were trading shot for shot from the off and it was a super bowl from Taylor to swing the first end to take a treble but then Jackson came straight back not allowing Taylor a look in for the next 4 ends as he took 7 shots away to go 3-7 up. Taylor managed to grab a single on end 6 but Jackson responded with a great treble on end 7. With Taylor only managing to get a single on end 8 it was Jacksons set 5-10.

Into the second set and again both players were playing attacking and draw bowls all the time and this time it was Jackson who was on the slippery slope as Taylor took a 5-2 lead by end 4. Jackson responded with two singles but then Taylor finished him off by taking a double and a treble in the next to ends to seal the second set 10-4.

Into the tie break and it was Jackson who took the first end with his last bowl , then Taylor took the second end – all square. In the last end with one bowl each left it was Jackson that held match winning shot, Taylor then played a superb draw bowl to have shot lie – Jackson took a time out to study the head and nominated to kill – he fired and his bowl lifted the jack clean, it hit a bowl immediately behind it, jumped in the air over the back bowls and went straight back into the ditch to be closely followed by Jackson’s striking bowl – match to Billy Jackson from Lincoln who now goes through to face Perry Martin from Swale.