billy jackson plays the magicians card at the masters

7 May, 2016

Last match of the daJackson & McHutchisony for a place in the semi-finals was Scotland’s John McHutison against England’s Billy Jackson and that was a match well worth watching on the youtube replay - In a cracking first set Jackson set off well and then McHutchison just seemed to be on fire as he steamrollered his way through the set to take the first set 9,3.

Into the second set and it was the exact reverse of the first as it was Jackson’s turn to turn on the fireworks and he blazed his way through the second set to take it 3,10 - but do not let these scorelines detract from the standard of bowls - it just has to be watched!! Into the tie break and it was the magic of Jackson that took the first two ends away from McHutchison to give Jackson his birth in tomorrows finale!