Billy jackson and Michael Laydon in one bowl shoot out for match

5 May, 2017

Day two of the Co-op Funeralcare European Masters got off to a flying start at Blackpool Newton Hall Holiday Park with 48 competitors looking to grab the two winning ‘Tourcard’ spots into next season’s WBT TV Ranking events.

Match of the morning though has to go to Billy Jackson ( Lincoln & District) who was up against Michael Laydon (Durham). With a tight scrap in the first set it was Jackson that took the set 9-6. Into the second set and the wheels came completely off for Jackson as Laydon hammered his way through to take the 2nd set 13 – 0. Into the tie break and it was one end each, after the dust has settled in the 3rd end it was a measure – a tied measure was called and both players had to face the WBT rule of the 4th and final tie break end – a one bowl shoot out. Jackson delivered the jack and played his bowl – he finished 3 feet short of the jack and came off rink angry for being short – Laydon seemed to hesitate and took a few moments to recompose to deliver his last bowl of the match – only to be horrified as his bowl came up 4 foot short and an ecstatic Jackson realised that he had come through!!

Chris Gale (Blackpool Newton Hall) had a great start against Ian Bence (Inverclyde) and is through to the next round as is Gary Smith (Durham) who defeated Falcon’s James Rippey on the mornings streamed match. Phillip Last (Ipswich) lost out to Blackpool’s Jason Parkinson and Martin Williamson (Irvine) was up against Janice Gower ( Newton Hall) and managed a great win in a very tight match.

Paul Hartley (Hartlepool ) bt Steven Mead (Foxhills) in a great tie break set. Lee Rowland ( Ipswich) lost out to Clarrie Dunbar’s Brian Hawkins and WBT Tournament Director Richard Maddieson managed his second win of the tournament against Craig Joseph.