back in form Foster shows how to do it

19 January, 2017

Second match of the afternoon here at Potters Resort on the Norfolk Coast in the Open Singles was between Paul Foster MBE and PBA Qualifier Michael Cheeseman from Kent. Foster started with taking a double on the first end of set 1 with a reply of a single from Cheeseman in the next. Then Foster showed why he was four times World Indoor Champion as he took a triple, then a single, then another single over the next three ends. No matter what Cheeseman produced it was Foster that produced inch perfect bowls when it mattered. Not to be outdone Cheeseman turned it on over the next three ends taking 3 singles in quick succession, neither player hanging around on the mat. With Cheeseman looking for a treble on the final end Foster played strategic bowls which denied Cheeseman any chance and it was Foster that took the final end with a double to take the first set 9-4.

Into the second set and Foster started with the old Foster magic, drawing perfect bowls out of thin air he went 6-2 up by the start of the 6th end. Cheeseman was playing well but it was Foster that was outplaying the PBA Qualifier, the 6th end went to Foster with a single to go 7-2. Then again Foster started to play tactical as he simply kept Cheeseman out of building any type of dangerous head in the 7th end and Cheeseman grabbed a well earned single. Into the 8th and Foster made a rare mistake with one loosish bowl and Cheeseman managed to play an exceptional bowl to convert to a score of 3 on that end, suddenly the game became alive again as the audience sat up suddenly - could Cheeseman produce that killer end to force a tie break.  With two bowls each left to go and Cheeseman lying with two shots Foster produced a time shot, picked up the jack and ran it into the ditch leaving Cheeseman with a single, Cheeseman tried a draw to the ditch and took shot again so was holding the two he needed but Foster calmly outdrew the shot bowl leaving Cheeseman with barely 9 inches from ditch edge - C heeseman played a timer to try to remove Fosters bowl and remain in the count for a double but as his bowl was halfway down the rink Cheeseman realised he was off target and the match went to Foster - great bowls!