Awesome - Standing ovation for the afternoon Mixed Pairs

20 January, 2017
If the second match was balanced on a knife edge then there are no words to describe the dynamic exchange between twice winner Alex Marshall  as he skipped  England’s Katy Smith, one of the youngest players on the circuit against world number 1 Nick Brett and his Scottish partner Claire Johnston from Auchinleck who was also making her debut at Potters.
It was a totally riveting match, with the shot changing hands with virtually every bowl with none more dramatic that the last bowl of the second set. 
With game against and none of his bowls on the green Marshall executed an inch perfect draw to the jack and then  in a sensational best of three end tie break that rich vein of form continued, with a plethora of mind blowing bowls played by all four players, where the advantage changed with almost every single bowl. The attention in the arena was just electric with the audience on the edges of their seats.
In the deciding end though, Marshall continued his masterful display and rose to each scenario with perfection in both his draws and drives, as did Brett. He turned the opposing holding shot out with his last bowl but once again Brett denied him, when he in turn drew the match winner  with his last delivery to move 9-4, 3-4, 2-1 with the full auditorium rising to their feet to give both teams a well deserved standing ovation. A member of the audience said, ” If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it - the match was just awesome”.