Aussie’s Rankin & McIlroy into the pairs quarter finals

12 January, 2019

Second match of the day here in the International Arena saw Scotland’s Darren Burnett & Stewart Anderson up against the Australian pairing of Dave Rankin & Kyle McIlroy. Rankin and McIlroy had previously had a good run in the preliminary rounds and were looking forward to this match.

Into set one and all four were immediately playing well on the fast running rink, by end three it was Burnett and Anderson 4,1 up but then suddenly the Australian pair turned up the wick and took the next 4 ends to clinch the set 4,6. It was not that Burnett and Anderson were off form, just that the Australian’s kept coming up with some really great finish bowls.

Into the start of the second set and immediately the Australians switched around, which is what they had done in all their other matches with great success. Only this time it did not work as Burnett and Anderson upped their game and by the fourth end they were 4,1 up. By the sixth end they went 6,3 up and they clinched the second set with a single to take the second set 7,3.

Into the tie break and this time it was the Australians that found some incredible bowls at each last end and despite some great bowls from Burnett it was the Australians that took end one and two to take the match and they go through to face England’s Nick Brett and Greg Harlow in the quarter final on Sunday afternoon.