Andy Thomson MBE makes it into the quarters

9 March, 2016

Second match of the day saw England’s Andy Thomson MBE up against the New Zealander, Murray Glassey. Glassey was playing reasonably well but it was Thomson that was the on form player. In the first set Glassey was holding off Thomson and it was a close affair but it was Thomson that finally reached the winning post taking that one extra shot for the set at 6-7. In the second set Thomson has settled down and Glassey was more than unfortunate with at least three ends where millimetres made the difference in his play and left him struggling to attempt conversions to regain any advantage over Thomson. Despite being on target on several occassions lady luck had deserted Glassey and he was left in the wake of Thomson as the second set and match disappered. 6-7, 5-10 to Thomson