Anderson through first round of the singles

20 January, 2020

Second match of the afternoon in the International Arena in the Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles was between World No 1, Scotland’s Stewart Anderson and PBA Qualifier Welsh International, Daniel Salmon.

Daniel Salmon

Salmon put up a great spirited fight against Anderson and in the first set, end five, the scoreline was 4,3 to Anderson and he went on to take a further three shots on end six. Salmon bounced back to take two singles on ends seven and eight but it Anderson that closed the first set with a single count at 8,5.

Stewart Anderson

Anderson was 5,1 up by end four in the second set but again Salmon dug deep and swiped a three count off Anderson in end five but that was all he was allowed to have as Anderson piled on the pressure and took the remaining three ends of the set with two doubles and a single count to score 10,4.