anderson storms into the quarter finals

22 January, 2020

First match this afternoon was between Defending Champion, Stewart Anderson and World Ranked No 16, Simon Skelton for a place in the quarter finals of the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles on Friday 24th at Potters Resort.

Anderson in top form against Skelton

It became apparent though that Skelton was really struggling to get to grips today and with Anderson playing so well it really became a bit of a demolition derby. End after end Anderson pulverised Skelton and in fact it was only in end three of the first set that Skelton managed to hold onto one single count and thereafter it was all Anderson. Anderson went on to tae the first 11,1. Much the same in the second set, Anderson was really on top of his game and Skelton was simply unable to find any real responses. Even when he did it was Anderson that just simply swept them aside like batting flies out of his way. Only one one end did Anderson miss anything and that was end four where Skelton picked up a three but that was all he was kindly allowed to keep. Set and match to Anderson 12,3