Anderson slips past gillett for the world indoor open singles final

26 January, 2019

The first semi final in the ‘Just’ 2019 World Indoor Open Singles saw former World Indoor Champion, Stewart Anderson up against England’s Les ‘Razor’ Gillett. Both players were determined that they would be in the final here on Sunday so this was shaping up to be a good match.

Stewart Anderson & Les Gillett

It was Gillett that got off to a good start start taking two hard earned singles from Anderson in succession but then Anderson took full advantage when Gillett was ever so slightly loose and ends three and four he collected a three and a two to go 5,2 in the lead. End five and again Anderson left it til the last to take a great single but Gillett came right back with a count of three in end six to be only one shot behind at 6,5. End seven and Anderson was in a spot of bother as Gillett was holding at least a two with last bowl in his hand Anderson played, weight was good and drew the last shot to go 7,5 up. End eight and this time it was Gillett that managed to grab a single to be one shot behind at 7,6. Final end and again it was Gillett that was holding two after the jack had been sent to the respot, Anderson though had last bowl and drew in a perfect one to take a single and the set 8,6.

Stewart Anderson

Set two and it was Anderson that was the steadier of the two players and end by end he drew away from Gillett and by the close of the fifth end it was 6,1 to Anderson. Gillett never gave up though and his persistence paid off in ends six and seven as he collected five shots to draw level at 6,6. End eight and it was Anderson tha came away with two shots leaving Gillett needing a three count on the final end for the tie break. Into end nine and a couple of loose bowls from Anderson left Gillett holding two shots, Anderson attempted a dead draw to shut this down and his bowl just lay against Gilletts, only just fractionally outside the count. Just as Gillett was about to use his last bowl for that much need three, Anderson’s bowl tipped over and fell into the count taking the two shots of Gilletts down to one – Gillett had the impossible draw shot left to try to move Andersons but nothing else, and also remain in the head for the three – it was not to be and Gillett only got a single so it was Anderson that goes through to the final. 8,6 – 8,7.