anderson praises opponent, bagrie-howley

6 November, 2016

New Zealand’s Sheldon Bagrie-Howley flew across the world to come up against Scotland’s Stewart Anderson in the second match of the morning and turned it into a scintillating affair.

Anderson said afterwards,” Bagrie-Howley played really well and put me under certain periods of pressure and his driving shots were brilliant. The overall scoreline definately does not reflect the nature of the match”.  Although Anderson took the first set with a scoreline of 9-2 it was the second set that Bagrie Howley found his true form.

Bagrie-Howley opened on the first end with a double and Anderson responded with a double – then Bagrie-Howley took the next four ends to go 7-2 up, then disaster as he dropped a full count of four on the 7th end. Anderson took a double on end 8 to go one ahead and on the final end it was Bagrie Howley that need a double to force a tie break. With two bowls left to play and Anderson holding shot Bagrie-Howley used his third bowl and missed by literally a hairs breath of turning out Andersons shot bowl. Anderson played a cover bowl and Bagrie-Howley still had a timing shot available to take a double if he could just make a right connection, he played his bowl but it just lacked enough weight and it was Anderson who heaved a sigh of relief as he goes through to the next round after winning. 9-2, 10-7